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“Rising rays of light…”
To determine the look of the Rising Light Fixture, the core of the Rising principle has been revisited. A design dictates its own form simply by making cuts in a flat surface and allowing it to “rise up”. In the case of the Rising Light Fixture, two flat surfaces meet to create a latticework that is sure to catch the eyes, because it gives off the optical illusion of constant, subtle movement.

Rising Light Fixture 3.jpg
Rising Light Fixture

The Rising Light Fixture is made entirely of natural, laminated bamboo, sandwiched with rubber to function as a hinge on the moving parts. Therefore the entire lamp could be milled out of one surface.
The construction truly shines when the LED-lighting, craftily incorporated into the bamboo beams, are turned on. The bulbs’ glow bounces off the latticework, illuminating the room in a spectacular display of light and shadow. When the Rising Light Fixture is unfolded for its final shape, the light shines upward, illuminating the entire construction.
Material use:
Bamboo Caramel
Rubber sandwiched
108,0 x 109,0 x 46,5 cm


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