Robert van Embricqs is fascinated by the aesthetically pleasing, yet intricate complexity of the natural form. Finding inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life and movement, one question remained ever present:‘to what degree is the object you're creating capable of dictating its own design?’
This question in mind led him to develop a minimalistic design approach that can best be described as a balanced collaboration between designer and his material. This gives the material the opportunity to blossom in the designated way shape or form with the help of the creator as a conductor.
An important aspect of his design process is Van Embricqs’ conscious focus on marrying functionality with an aesthetically pleasing look. A conscious choice for functionality in design doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be burdened by conformity, let alone predictability.

The possibility to bring an object to life results in 'Red Dot Award' winning furniture designs that transforms from a flat surface into a stylish piece of art by the use of smart connecting techniques.
Aside continuing his furniture line, Robert van Embricqs establishes flexible concepts on bigger scale in which movement creates interaction between the users and the architecture. He focused his attention on finding new ways to adapt the techniques he developed for outdoor and interior solutions.

Robert van Embricqs