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In the center of the town of Amstelveen rests a large square that serves as the so-called heart of the city. The square can be reached by following a stretched out pedestrian path. The nearby Amstelveen mall also has various entrances and exits that are all linked to the square. Unfortunately, the square itself is rather basic and lacks any distinct appeal or function. This confuses tourists or people who are not too familiar with the city, I've noticed from my own experience. This is why I decided to create a construction that not only ensures the city square becomes noticeable, but also more vibrant and an orientation or meeting point.


shift merge pavillion.jpg

Creating a contrast between the construct and the buildings around it was a conscious choice. This way, it stands out from the background while still retaining enough conformity with its surroundings to not be deemed an eyesore. Protecting the multifunctional aspects of the square was paramount during the creation process. While investigating the possibilities, all the current activities that are held on the square, such as markets and manifestations, were taken into account.

In its folded-out form, the construct can serve as both a meeting point or a place to catch some shade on a hot summer's day. It also provides a distinct backdrop for outdoor concerts and performances and might also be used by artists to show their work. When its folded, the construct completely disappears into the ground. Another advantage is the fact that both pedestrians and cyclists can travel across the construct without being hindered by it.

The entire construct is made of aluminum bars and beams that are intercut by hinges at specific points. This creates space as soon as the construct is folded open by a hydraulic system hidden under the floor. The sheer number of beams and the arch of the hinges give the construct its organic form that will be instantly recognizable from a great distance.


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