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The 'moving beats' project brings people together by means of interaction. The final concept won a competition that was being commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam and has been realized in the town of Geuzenveld. Which is well known for its cultural diversity while young families continue to move out of the center of Amsterdam in search of more green areas and affordable housing. This benefits many opportunities to explore and design new areas for outdoor gatherings and became the main reason to develop a new type of playground for children.


Together with designers Tieke Hentenaar and Vineta Du Toit, research was been done on a new way of interaction between children and the fencing used in the specific area. Children are moving a lot and often have difficulty to sit still. With this in mind, we applied beads to the fencing that can turn around their axis like a toy. Seats are designed between the fencing and also creates an extra depth in the fencing, making it more like a multifunctional 3D object.


In the main concept, we managed to put emphasis on the organic shape that was made visible by the flexible beats being placed on the vertical lines of the fence. By slightly bending the fence in and outwards, an organic form was created and was serving as a pattern of a snake in motion. While several color options are presented and different patterns emerged from this idea.


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