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De Flow Wall Desk erkent het potentieel om functionaliteit te combineren met kunst. Dit resulteert in het creëren van een bureau in de binnenomgeving. En met slechts één draai wordt het een waar genot om een aparte werkruimte te hebben wanneer dat nodig is. Het kan worden geabonneerd als een functioneel kunstwerk dat voortbouwt op het ontwerptraject van transformaties in de ruimte. Deze biedt echter een deel van het interieur dat met de tijd verschuift: een gezellige werkruimte overdag wordt na gebruik een compact wandkleed.


Inspired by recent global events and the longer-term trends that precede them, to devise a statement piece that lends dignity to the digital workspace through craft, warm textures, and durably engineered fastenings. The Flow Wall Desk is adaptable and with the contemporary design elements, it can be used throughout homes, libraries, hotels, and many other inside designations. During the design process, van Embricqs strove to merge the desk’s execution with its design formula by creating a cohesive whole.


Usability demands that an everyday object such as this should be created with a generalized user’s psychology in mind. Vertical element emerges from the wall like a caterpillar with the help of specifically placed hinges. These exposed brass hinges establish a visual rhythm and ensure that the form can follow its function. This led to the notion of a transformation in form and purpose achieved through a single, simple gesture that everyone can familiarize themselves with. With a single turn by hand around its axis, a tabletop is created and once in its horizontal position, the tabletop is supported by wooden slats, creating a more natural look and organic effect that also serves as a screen for more privacy.


The horizontal work surface is comfortable yet functional due to its depth and width for the seated user and making it perfect for typing and handwriting. Finally, a unique opportunity is created for a temporary work surface and ergonomically adjustable desk in a sunny corner which invites the user to fold that desk away when work is over.
With the finished design appearance, more sustainable material developments are being examined and analyzed for production. And when it comes to functionality, each part of the Flow Wall desk has been specifically engineered without losing the appeal to attract, just like a folding magic trick with a well-kept secret.

natural oak
Zwarte editie Flow Wandbureau

For more information and to purchase this piece, please check out the WEBSHOP

Dimensions Folded:

Length x Width x Height

L 39.8 x W 22.1 x H 35.8  INCH

L 100  x  W 56   x H 91      CM

Features brass hinges, providing durability and stability that has a large weight capacity up to 18 kg, 40 Lbs to support your daily use.


Any special finish requests other than the one in the WEBSHOP please use: ENQUIRY FLOW WALL DESK


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