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Schermafbeelding 2015-03-31 om 14.35.28.
licht constructie tussenstand new.jpg


One of the reasons we feel comfortable in a designated space has to do with the light that recreates an atmosphere that comes close to our sense of nature. And as a recipe to experience a similar feeling, we rediscover and analyze the use of sky lighting. This concept is made possible by a flexibel construction that brings light into the building by transforming from a flat ceiling that unfolds downwards and becomes a sculptural piece of art.

This results in a significant part of the designated space and lights up from the outside in. During the night a new experience emerge when the sculpture gets enlightened by the specific placed light sources and makes the design of this flexibel construction even multi functional.This concept suits the continuation of change that can be seen at indoor spaces like railway stations, hotel lobbies or even restaurants.

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