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By using a simple yet effective design twist, the Flow Wall Desk transforms itself from a piece of art on the wall, into a functional desk by showing off its unique aesthetics.


The Flow Wall Desk acknowledges the potential of creating a desk inside one’s indoor environment. Only with one twist, it becomes a true joy to have as a separate working area. It can be subscribed as a piece of functional art that builds on Robert van Embricqs his Design track record of transformations in space. This one offers a part of the interior that shifts with time: a cozy workspace during the day becomes a compact wall hanging after being used. 


Van Embricqs was inspired by recent global events, and the longer-term trends that precede them, to devise a statement piece that lends dignity to the digital workspace through craft, warm textures, and durably engineered fastenings. The Flow Wall Desk is adaptable to any wall and can be used throughout homes, libraries, hotels, and many other inside locations. It creates the opportunity for a temporary work surface in a sunny corner and becomes an ergonomically adjustable desk in a compact city interior which invites the user to fold that desk away when work is over. 


When it comes to functionality, each part of the Flow Wall desk has been specifically engineered without losing the appeal to attract, just like a folding magic trick with a well-kept secret.


€ 2.650,00Prijs
  • Original design by Robert van Embricqs.

    Every product comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Allow 5-6 weeks for the pieces to be produced & shipped to your location.

    The actual wood finish may differ from the product shown on the images.

    Please contact us via the contact form when purchasing multiple or bespoke furniture pieces. The total price will be recalculated.

    Numbered & signed 

    Dimensions Folded:

    Length x Width x Height  (please check out the last image)

    L 39.8 x W 22.1 x H 35.8  INCH

    L 100  x  W 56   x H 91      CM

    Total weight: 15,1 KG (33,29Lb)

    Material Use:

    • Solid Oak-wood
    • Brass hinges
    • Screw threads
    • Brass sleevenuts


    Transparent oil wax

    Features brass hinges, providing durability and stability that has a large weight capacity up to 18 kg, 40 Lbs to support your daily use.

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