In a world of utensils, a distinction is made between a fixed form and a form created by moving parts that come together. Both applications must ensure that the object can fulfill its function while the advantage of a flexible object often has to do with space saving. But there is also a disadvantage to this last-mentioned application. For designers it is a challenge to develop a flexible product that contains an elegant shape that is appealing for the end user. As an answer to this, The Rising Shell was being developed.


To make this happen, the final form and function had to be considered first. What volume did we want to achieve and  how to create a flexible shape? We had a volume in mind that could be used as a fruit bowl or to store small accessories. When this volume is no longer being used, it can be folded in a flat situation while retaining its elegance.


In order to make the transformation go as smoothly as possible, much time and attention was given to the folding mechanism. To go back to the essence of movement, we focussed on a single hinge point which is then repeated and applied over the entire object. Because of this repetition of hinges and material application, the Rising Shell radiates simplicity and timeless design that is not trend-sensitive.


It was also important to involve the end user in the design part. This by trigger the curiousity during its tranformation. We bring a fixed object to life and stimulate our imagination and creative brain. It also pushes our limits and creates a satisfying idea to have control over the object.




Sustainability is a high priority in the development of the Rising Shell. Not only sustainable wood is used as the main material, but also the fact that the Rising shell can be shipped as a flatpack that ensures volume savings. When not in use, the Rising Shell folds flat in a thickness of no less than 15 mm. And even in this situation, a recognizable design pattern is created by the incisions in the wood that can be seen as an organic artpiece on a canvas.

L 39      x W 40.5 x H 20.0  CM
L 15.21 x W 15.79 x H 7.8 INCH
Netto  weight:   2.1 KG

Base price:


€ 295,00  (ex VAT & Shipping)

Worldwide shipping